A Tale of Three Women – Part One

Brain (Hope) – There once was a woman. A really young woman. And she thought she was strong enough, good enough, wise and knowledgeable enough to make it through life whole and intact. Then she married a man. Well, a boy rather…for it takes some time for boys to become men and, to be true, for some it never happens. She loved this man for he loved her as no one else ever had. He adored her, placed her on a pedestal, told her how beautiful and special and rare she was. He showed her in words and deeds that she was the light of his life and that he would never place anyone or anything above or before her. And this boy lived up to those words, in the deepest sense of those words.

Heart (Love) – There once was a woman. A wise, kind, loving, peaceful woman. A woman who had encountered much, but by the grace of her creator, had risen above. She was still growing and learning and needed help occasionally, but she just knew that the world was a beautiful place and that good things would happen. She smiled at everyone and everything, laughed with people, looked for ways to encourage them. She saw the hurt in people and sought to help them, to reconcile damaged friendships, and to hug those who needed healing touch. She was surprised when a man came into her life, surprised but pleased and secure in the knowledge that this man was looking more and more like a genuine soulmate every day. They were genuine heart friends almost instantly, unusual for an opposite gender relationship, but they were able to share each other’s deepest feelings daily and connect often throughout every day. She always knew that he treasured and valued her, and she did her best to let him know she treasured and revered him. They both couldn’t believe their good luck. They knew that hardly anyone else, if indeed anyone else, had such a blessed, intimate, honest, open, and trustworthy relationship.

Spirit (Faith) – There once was a woman. A battered, abused, sad, lonely, heartbroken woman. A single mom, she had seen things and experienced things that only abused women with the heart-led gender could know. She was tired, so tired. She wanted to give up. In fact, she had no idea what kept her going every day. Well, that’s not true. It was her children. She hoped and trusted for better for them and the moments that strengthen any parent who loves their kids were the moments she drew all strength and momentum from. She had no idea what to do, but she sang, “What do we do, we swim!” to her kids and to her day. She was resistant when she swam into him. Resistant, but she knew that he was the one. She had wanted to give up, but one day she had prayed to the God. She told Him she was done, but she remembered how the God’s Son had prayed, “Nevertheless, not my will but Yours be done.” This seemed like a good idea, after all this Man was perfect and he had the best dad anyone could have. So she prayed, “I am done, but if You have different plans for me, let them happen now, in mankind’s time.” So he showed up and four months later they were married. 


Who I Am and Why I’m Here – Blogging 101

To know and to be known is truly the goal of my new blogging endeavor. I desire to capture in script “those” moments that life lays down as time rolls irrevocably forward. I have found that reading the experiences of others enriches my life and my thoughts. I hope to add an element of enrichment and thought to others. I choose to celebrate the messiness of life and the hardships it has brought for the rewards and strengths it brings.

As a fellow blogger and traveler in this wayward journey called life, I have relationships that puzzle me, reward me, discourage me, strengthen me. I see things that cause bewilderment and excitement, anger and desire. I  experience the cycles and ebbs and flows of emotion, thoughts, relationships, and positioning. May these writings capture a few morsels and lightly engage the reader.