A Tale of Three Women – Part Two

Brain (Hope) – The young woman was overjoyed and filled with love and kindness. Sweetness fragranced her day and poured out of her to all within her vicinity. Her husband adored her thoroughly. He spent time with her as often as he could, cooked wonderful meals for her, cleaned for her, bought her expensive jewelry, and told her daily how proud he was that she was his. When she got pregnant and gave birth to a precious child, he lavished his love on his baby with hugs and kisses, bottles and diaper changes, meals and toys and time. She was so happy and blessed and had great hope for what the future would bring, but it came time for him to deploy with his brigade for 18 months. He went overseas and his mind grew dark (mental health) away from the love and snuggles of his family while surrounded by mortars and fear. He grew suspicious (suspicion) of his wife’s affections. When he returned, he drank 12 packs weekly (alcoholism) and, while drinking, grew violent (abuse). 

Heart (Love) – The woman’s wisdom and strength shone from her face and graced all those near her. She sought to help the hurting and to impart joy and wisdom to coworkers and friends. Her soulmate loved that about her and often wondered at how many loved her, although he often warned her to be careful who she cast her pearls to. He bought her bridal magazines, queried her on her favorite ring styles, called her, texted her, IMed her, and sought to snatch as many moments with her as was possible while still living in separate homes. He bragged on her to family and friends all the while saying he had finally found the perfect woman. His touch was magic. He would stroke and massage her as often as she would let him. No knots were allowed with her knight in shining armor around! They spent hours talking and her love for humanity grew stronger. Their communication was often and open, maybe too open, and he grew jealous (jealousy) of her time and attention. He began to take her for granted (assumptions) and question her judgment (doubt). 

Spirit (Faith) – The lonely woman knew that her new husband would help right many wrongs. There was help with the children now. There was companionship to ease her loneliness. There were shared finances which brought less stress and struggles. Her husband loved her children and amused them all by his antics with the pets. They all had structure and routine now. There was definitely a learning curve as his kids adjusted to her kids and her kids adjusted to his kids and they all adjusted to a transformed (merged) household. It was a good adjustment though with more falling into place than she ever expected. They all had much common ground and enjoyed many of the same likes and activities. As time wore on, she noticed it was on a superficial level. She maintained her faith that she was supposed to be in this place, although she wasn’t allowed to talk or share her heart if something really bothered her (repression). Everyone was allowed to enjoy the day with activities and entertainment, but her husband only had time for what he wanted to say and do (control). He used anger (anger) as a tool to control her and her reactions. His goal in life appeared to be maintaining his own comfort level (comfort zone). 


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