Disappointments and Hope

I sat there all alone … surrounded by couples, aunts, uncles, grandparents, care-givers, siblings. I knew only a few by sight. They were all nationalities and colors, many women bearing colors tattooed on their arms and necks, many dressed so nicely and smiling brightly as they gazed around at each other. The names were called out as each representative of respective teaching elements came and took the podium to share their pride at the end of yet another successful learning year.

That morning, my daughter asked me again, “Will you please come to the awards ceremony?” I replied with the truth, “You won’t be getting any awards.” “How do you know?” I let her know that I would have received a notice to come to get awards. She insisted that I come anyway.

As each name was called out, I noticed people who recognized me waiting to hear my daughter called out. They checked in on me here and there. I felt my face squinch up as, each time, someone else was elected. I tried not to make eye contact and shifted and adjusted, drank my coffee, glanced at my phone.

As things concluded, the room became lighter. I turned it over and chose to focus on the cuteness of those sweet little third-graders, their bright smiles, the words of encouragement and accolades that were given to both these happy children and their persevering parents.

My daughter found my eyes and waived me over as the room converged on the center, to the stars of the show. We went to each other and I pulled her close. “I love you and I am proud of you. You have been growing so much this year, you are so much more responsible. It’s been a hard year, but next year will be better. We will work harder and do better, and it will be better.” Her face lit up from within, helping to erase the disappointments in my heart and hers.


5 thoughts on “Disappointments and Hope”

  1. I don’t know the whole story yet but was intrigued by this post. As a teacher I’m always on the other side of this matter and hate awards days. Maybe your daughter had the right idea to celebrate award or no. Celebrate others and the ending of the year and again award or no how much she had to be proud of…

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    1. Thank you. I’m glad I could share another side! Perspectives are typically different between any two people with a different set of eyeballs, so I’m glad to hear yours! It amazes me how well children handle things and how a few simple words they take quickly to heart.

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      1. manderson215 – This is my feedback on your site, I wasn’t sure where to put it on your site as I had a hard time trying to find a place to put it.
        Your articles are well-researched, informative, and engaging with interesting material covered. What I suggest is this, try to make your site more clear in purpose and in navigation. Your About (once I found it) reads more like a resume and may help if you explain the purpose of your blog. It actually took me some time of navigating around to understand what you were trying to do. If you add your About or “Who I Am” or “Why I Am Here” under Menu, readers with the same questions can click on there quickly, say “Aha!”, then continue on perusing articles. I would also put a tag line under your Main Title that helps readers understand what they are looking at, such as “Sharing the Wonders of Modern Media” or “Social Media – Entertaining and Engaging Broader Audiences” or something to that effect. I hope that helps! Please let me know.


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